2000 DRY   Single Screw Extruder                          2000 DRY brochure

Features and Benefits:

Simple low cost design with pallet style frame

Split barrels allow for easy strip down in the event of blockages and allows for the installation of split liners

Includes volumetric feeder auger to accurately control feed rates into extruder feed intake.

Belt driven system with separate extruder bearing housing for ease of maintenance

Modular design of extruder allows for configuring for different products.







Typical capacity up to 1500kg/hr

Screw diameter 133mm

90kW drive coupled to shaft with V belts

Split barrels with Ni-hard replaceable liners

Ni-hard screws and chokeplates

Extendable shaft up to 5 processing chambers

Oil bath bearing assembly with 5x sealing system

Water injection into barrel

All electrical controls cabinet mounted included

Volumetric side feeder assembly

Die mounted cutter head and motor assembly