FC010, FC030 & FC050 Rotary Fat Coater           Fat Coater Brochure

Features and Benefits:

Gently tumbles product while coating in fats and oils via spray wands

There are 2 spray lines complete with filters that can be changed over using valves so blockages can be cleared without stopping

Each line has two independently controlled spray nozzles to give even coverage

Trace heating on all lines prevent solidification and aids start up.

Positive displacement gear pump included.

Drum speed and angle can be adjusted to get the desired residence time.

Inlet auger flights prevent spillage at the inlet.






3 models for capacities up to 1000, 3000 & 5000kg/hr

Rotary drum with chain drive

100% stainless steel construction

Adjustable outlet chute

Integrated dual filtration and spray system with twin nozzles