Soya and Oilseeds

6000-SX extruder producing Full Fat Soya Bean Meal

Double chamber preconditioner complete with volumetric and side feeder auger.
Typical parts for Full Fat Soya processing; Ni-hard double flight screw, Ni-hard barrel liner, Ni-hard choke plates, Nozzles and Conical nose bolt



Full fat soya bean meal, or ground soyabeans is an important feed additive. It is high in fat and protein and is therefore an excellent source of nutrition. Soya has been shown to give good results when used to substitute animal protein in many different feed formulations.

However raw soyabeans are not highly digestible without some sort of heat treatment. Extrusion technology has been shown to be the most ideal way to heat treat soyabeans before addition into other feeds or fed directly as a supplement.

Extrusion technology ensures that the maximum digestibility of the soya is achieved without over cooking and/or reducing the nutritional benefits, vitamins minerals etc. in the feed product.

JSC extruders can be setup to an optimised configuration for full fat soya processing complete with steam preconditioning.

A twin chamber preconditioner is used to give a mixing and retention zone, this allows for a long residence time with a narrow distribution allowing moisture to penetrate the soya bean particle, maximising the effect of the extruder.

A steam lock (choke plate) system is used to maximise shear rate in the extruder along with an adjustable outlet nozzle.

We have hundreds of installations around the globe making full fat soya bean meal, with JSC extruders being the most economical solution in terms of capital and on going running costs due to reduced wear part replacement.

Similarly other oilseeds and feed products can be processed in the same way including rice bran etc.