Typical process for manufacturing petfood from poultry waste

Split barrel liner designs to optimise petfood throughput and quality: Spiral, Straight flutes and Straight flutes with steam lock (choke plate) ring




Extruded petfood products have been proven to be extremely beneficial for all types of animals.

They have a high digestibility, benefit oral health and retain high nutrient levels while maintaining the integrity of vitamins and minerals in the formulation.

JSC extruders are ideally suited to the production of petfood with a lot of development being invested in this area.

Our extruders have proven barrel and screw configurations designed especially for petfood production optimising throughput and product quality.

Our die plate and cutter systems allow for the production of many different petfood formulations and shapes with minimal downtime and costs. We utilise a die mounted cutter system that gives perfect alignment of the knives to the die plate resulting in a clean cut every time.

Different knife designs can be fitted from a 1 piece knife, to a holder that utilises standard boxcutter blades to keep costs to a minimum.

Our vertical coolers and dryers are designed to gently handle the extruded feed to minimise product breakage and fines generation.

A fat coater can be used to increase the oil content of the feed and/or apply flavours to the outside of the kibble

As with most JSC extruders petfood machines are fitted with a steam preconditioner. This aids in reducing manufacturing costs while improving product quality and increasing throughput. The Preconditioner can also be used to do some of the premixing by adding slurries, oil or other liquid ingredients.