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Spare parts manual for all 178mm single screw extruders covering the 6000-S/SX and Buhlermillbank BASH-C
Spare parts manual for all 133mm single screw extruders covering MILTENZ 1000-SX, 2000-SX, BuhlerMillbank BASF and 3000-SX
Spare parts manual for all 93mm single screw extruders covering MILTENZ 500-SX and BuhlerMillbank BASM
Spare parts manual for all 45mm single screw extruders covering 51-SP and BuhlerMillbank BASL
Brochure illustrating some improved designs for Millbank 1000 and 2000 extruders and can be fitted to other extruder brands as well



Due to high pressures, shear and abrasion inside the barrel of extruders the screw and barrel elements periodically need to be replaced.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide an efficient and cost effective on-going support to ours and other single screw extruders.

Our extruders are of a modular design so any worn components can be easily removed and replaced as needed. We manufacture all our parts from the best quality materials to make sure the life of the wear components are as long as possible.

In addition our extruders utilise a split barrel to make strip-down of the machine easier and quicker and allows for replaceable barrel liners.

The extruder barrel liners, screws and other wear parts utilise casting technology to minimise the cost and allow for the casting of specialised wear resistant alloys that retain their properties even as they are worn down.

JSC Extrusion are the official supplier of spare parts for MILTENZ, Millbank and BuhlerMillbank single screw extruders.