Starch Gelatinisation

6000-SX extruder being fitted with a continous screw     configuration for corn processing

Extruded pellets




Cooking of starch is an important process to maximise the digestibility of food and feed ingredients.

The starch may be incorporated into an extruded product where it not only acts as a source of energy but also binds the product together as is the case of an extruded petfood, for example.

The starch may also be pre-extruded to form an expanded pellet that can then be re-ground and added to a feed or food formulation. An example of this is pelletised animal feed

A blend of Starch, Protein and fat can be extruded to give a balanced feed supplement or raw material to formulate many feed products. This is normally achieved by blending corn and soya.

Similarly Rice bran can be extruded in the same way. Rice bran is made up of starch, protein, fibre and fat.

JSC extruders are ideally suited to this application as we can configure the machine to run at higher throughputs to maximise production potential, while minimising production costs utilising economical wear components.

In addition using the high capacity dual chamber preconditioners we can maximise levels of moisture penetration into the starch molecules which results in lower processing temperatures, hence higher throughput and lower wear parts cost.